LPG Changeover Initial and Re-Assessment

CoNGLP1 PD Changeover Core Permanent Dwellings
CoNGLP1 RPH Changeover Core Residential Park Homes
CoNGLP1 LAV Changeover Core Leisure Accommodation Vehicles
PackagePD RPH LAV Permanent Dwellings Residential Park Homes, Leisure Accommodation Vehicles
CoNGLP1 B Changeover Boats

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Initial and Re-Assessment

Title Scope Appliance Range
CCLP1 (E/P) Core domestic LPG external pipework gas safety assessment All LPG fittings used for external pipework.
VESLP 1 Gas storage vessels Bulk storage with pipework diameter ≤ 32 mm and pipe volumes as BS 5482-1 (TM83) above ground, and un-jointed buried below ground, single supply.
VESLP 2 Gas storage vessels & PE pipes Bulk storage with pipework of diameter ≤ 63 mm and/or with volumes up to and exceeding values in BS 5482-1 (TM 83) above ground and buried below ground multiple supplies.
EFJLP 1 Electro-fusion jointing of PE pipework and fittings (NG & LPG). PE pipework and fittings of diameter 16 mm to 63 mm.

Liquid Petroleum Gas Initial and Re-Assessment

Title Scope Appliance Range
HTRLP 2 LPG closed Flue Gas Fires. Closed flued gas fires (radiant/convector), across the ‘Widney Leisure’ range of gas fires.
HTRLP 3 LPG caravan Space heaters. LPG caravan space heaters
WATLP 2 Domestic LPG gas water heating appliances in motorised and touring caravans. Caravan water heaters such as Cascade Rapide, Cascade Rapide GE, Belling Malaga and Malaga ‘E’