Commercial Laundry 12 weeks MLP new entrants course

The Commercial MLP has been split into 3 sections as we must separate the commercial heating, commercial catering & commercial laundry operatives when it comes to covering their elements in the 2nd section. This means for part one of the course all commercial heating & catering operatives will be together and for part 2 of the course the operatives will be separated into 2 classes one for catering & one for heating.

The MLP exams will be on going throughout the complete course dates which consist of 24 commercial Catering MLP test papers.

Once the operatives have finished part 2 of the MLP course they will then need to finish their portfolios and submit them at the centre.

Please Note: Commercial Laundry CCLING & CLE1 ACS exams are not included in the dates below, these will need to be booked once the operative has completed his portfolio and it has been submitted for certification to the NICEIC by our centre.

Course 1: Maximum 8 operatives

Part 1: Generic Heating, Catering & Laundry

Please contact the office for dates

Part 2: Laundry only

Please contact the office for dates as we may not be offering Laundry unless requested.

Once the operative’s portfolio has been submitted, IV’d and certificated by the NICEIC the operatives would then be able to book on to complete their commercial ACS exams. We do suggest that the operatives book on for training & assessments when they come to book on for their exams as there may be a large gap between the training course and the MLP certificates being processed. However, if the operative would prefer, they can book on as assessment only for the commercial ACS exam. I have included the price breakdown for both below.

MLP & Commercial Laundry Training & Assessments Price breakdown:

MLP Training & Assessment, certification, training manuals & portfolio folder: £6,000exc VAT (To be paid on booking)

CCLING & CLE1 Training & Assessments: £902 (To be paid after portfolio handed in & course dates booked)


= £6,965

+ VAT = £8,358