Industrial/Commercial ACS Gas Courses


Industrial/Commercial Natural Gas Initial and Re-Assessment

Title Scope
CCCN1 Core commercial catering appliances
CCLNG1 Core laundry appliances
COCN1 Core heating appliances
COCN1PILS Core Non-Domestic pipe installer
CoNGLP1 CMC Non-domestic changeover NG to LPG mobile catering.
BMP1 Non-domestic NG boosters
CDGA1 Non-domestic NG & LPG direct fired heating appliances and equipment.
CIGA1 Non-domestic NG & LPG indirect gas-fired heating appliances and equipment.
CLE1 Non-domestic NG & LPG laundry appliances
COMCAT1 Non-domestic NG & LPG atmospheric burners. – Boiling burners, open/solid top (ranges)
COMCAT2 Non-domestic NG & LPG atmospheric burners – Pressure type water boilers (Stills or equivalent)
COMCAT3 Non-domestic NG & LPG – Deep fat and pressure fryers.
COMCAT5 Non-Domestic NG & LPG Forced Draught Burner Appliances
CORT1 Non-domestic NG & LPG overhead radiant plaque and tube heaters.
ICPN1 Non-Domestic NG and LPG pipework and fittings.
TPCP1A Non-domestic NG testing and purging.
TPCP1 Non-domestic natural gas, LPG & other gases testing and purging.
ICAE1LS Non-Domestic natural gas and LPG appliances/ equipment (first fix)
ICPN1LS Non-Domestic natural gas and LPG pipework and fittings limited scope.
CoDC1 Domestic to non-domestic NG & LPG  core catering
CoDNCO1 Domestic to non-domestic NG & LPG  core heating
CoCATA1 Domestic to non-domestic NG & LPG catering appliances.