Domestic Gas ACS Courses


Domestic Natural Gas Initial and Re-Assessment

Title Scope Appliance Range
CCN1 Core domestic gas safety assessment (includes CPA 1) All domestic gas fittings
CoCDN1 Changeover from non-domestic to domestic. All domestic gas fittings.
CENWAT Domestic gas fired central heating/hot water boilers and circulators, combination boilers, storage water heaters and instantaneous water heaters of heat input ≤ 70 kW net. Open flue and balanced flue (natural draught and fan assisted) for all appliance types and flue-less instantaneous water heaters including:

•  Stirling engine micro-generation appliances

•  Appliances designed to be installed to BS6798

that are providing heating to swimming pools

by means of an indirect heat exchanger

CKHB1 Domestic gas range cookers and range cooker/boilers with atmospheric and/or forced draught burners. Free standing range cooker and range cooker/boilers with atmospheric and/or forced draught burners e.g. Aga Rayburn, Alpha and Stanley.
CKR1 Domestic gas cooking appliances. Free Standing and ‘Slide in’ cookers, ‘built in’ hotplates, ‘built in/under’ ovens and grill units
DAH1 Domestic gas fired ducted air heaters ≤ 70kW net. Open flue natural convection, open flue fan assisted, up flow, down flow and horizontal flow models.
DFDA1 Domestic gas fired appliances, fitted or to be fitted with forced draught gas burners of heat input ≤ 70 kW net. Gas fired boilers and range cooker/boilers fitted with forced draught burner bearing the CE mark, and gas safety aspects of approved conversion of an oil to gas boiler using a forced draught burner bearing the CE mark.
HTR1 Domestic open, balanced fan assisted flued gas fires, wall heaters, convector heaters, stoves and flueless gas fires with and without catalytic converters. Open flue gas fire (radiant/convector), open flue ILFE fires, open flue DFE fires, convector heaters and stoves, balanced flue gas fires and balanced fan assisted wall heater and flue-less gas fires with and without catalytic converters.
LAU 1 Domestic gas laundry appliances. Tumble dryers, wash boilers.
LEI 1 Domestic gas leisure and miscellaneous equipment/appliances. Barbecues, greenhouse heaters, refrigerators, gas pokers, gas lighting and patio heaters.
MET1 Domestic gas meters. Primary or secondary meters of capacity ≤ 6 m3/h.
CPA1 Combustion performance analysis Gas fired appliances as listed in BS 7967-2015
WAT1 Water Heater Flue-less instantaneous water heaters (input not exceeding 12kW) and open flue and balanced and fan flue instantaneous water heaters (input exceeding 12kW).